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Facebook Competitors watch


Facebook 'pages to watch' update has been an option for sometime now.

Social Media has always been one of the easiest options to track your competitors. Facebook has made it even easier with it's 'Pages to watch' option.

Facebook Pages to watch helps you monitor five of other Facebook pages, wherein you can add your competitor pages. If yourself have multiple pages, you can compare them and know what works and what doesn't work.

This is has not been rolled out publicly. It has been understood that you will have access to it if someone adds your page to the watch list. It is also noted that the business who's watching your page will be known to you.

Haven't you got access to it yet? Share your experience and throw us some light as comments below…

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4 thoughts on “Facebook Competitors watch

  1. I treasure the knowledge on your web site. Thanks a lot.

  2. How can we stop others from watching?

  3. Hi SS, if you/your page is being watched, you’ll receive a notification that you’re being watched. Rather than that, there is no option for stopping others from watching your page.

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