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SocialNetGate was created to help individuals and businesses manage their social media using their mobile devices. SocialNetGate is built from the ground up as a mobile-first solution that allows users to manage all of their individual and business social media accounts from a single location.

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Microsoft’s New site for Search on Social Networking –

Microsoft's, a combination of social networking and search, has rolled out access to the general public.

It has a hybrid of options
followers/following from Twitter,
posting, liking, commenting from Facebook,
and Search options of Google+

It was available only to stuents and now it is open to all. Though, they concentrate on student's community. They do not pose themselves as rivals to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. They'd like users to continue using those social networking platforms with other existing social networks, as well as search engines like Bing, Google and others.

How will this affect the social media space ?
Will it be available and used by the students community as always and extending itself to all those who are interested in Social Networking Search?

Let us wait and watch. Please share your thoughts as comments below.

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