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SocialNetGate was created to help individuals and businesses manage their social media using their mobile devices. SocialNetGate is built from the ground up as a mobile-first solution that allows users to manage all of their individual and business social media accounts from a single location.

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Blogger – blog ID number

What is blog ID number?

Each blog you create, under your Blogger account, has its own unique ID number. This number is not required all the time but is useful when you want to use it for auto-posting. For example, to configure your Blogger profile with any Social Media Management platforms like SocialNetgate, you will require a blog ID number.

How to find Blog ID number?

There are many ways to find your Blog ID number. Here is one simple way.

  • Log in to your Blogger account, on the Dashboard/home page there will be a list of all blogs under that account.
  • Right click “create new post” icon(new interface) OR “NEW POST” (old interface) for your blog (Please check the image below) Note : Make sure you are clicking for the correct blog in case of multiple blogs
  • Click on “Copy link address” or “Copy link location” and paste the copied URL. It will be similar to
  • The number after “blogID=” in the URL is your blog ID. For example “1234567890” in the above example.

Here is the link for Blogger Help page – What is my blog ID number?

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