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SocialNetGate was created to help individuals and businesses manage their social media using their mobile devices. SocialNetGate is built from the ground up as a mobile-first solution that allows users to manage all of their individual and business social media accounts from a single location.

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Facebook Chat – Turn Off for Some friends

Here's another update from Facebook

Turn Facebook Chat off has had the enhancement now. This feature will really be helpful for those who don't want to be available on Facebook for all the friends.

Yes, you can turn the Facebook Chat ON or OFF for just some of your Facebook friends and Friends list.

While turning off facebook chat, there will be options to select whom you want to 'Turn the chat off'

To turn chat on for just a few friends:

  1. Click in the chat sidebar
  2. Select Advanced Settings
  3. Click Turn on chat for only some friends
  4. List the friends you want to turn on chat for

To turn on chat for all your friends except a few:

  1. Select Turn on chat for all your friends except in your Advanced Settings
  2. List the friends you want to turn chat off for

You can quickly turn off chat for an individual friend by clicking at the top of your chat window with that friend. From there, click Turn off chat to…

To turn chat on or off for a friend list

Click the icon in the chat sidebar and select Advanced Settings. Enter the lists you want to turn chat on or off for in the correct header:

  • Turn on chat for only some friends: Enter the lists you want to be on chat for
  • Turn on chat for all friends except: Enter the lists you want to turn chat off for

If you want to chat with someone who is on a friend list you've turned chat off for, enter that person's name into the search bar at the bottom of the sidebar. The name will appear grayed out, but you can click on it to open a chat with that person. Chat will remain off to the rest of that list.

The above steps are sourced from Facebook Help Center:

Can I turn chat on for just a few friends?

Can I turn chat on or off for friend lists?

Let us know your experience and queries!

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Video content for Social Media

YouTube now has more than a billion unique users every single month. That means almost half the people on the Internet visits YouTube.

Read from YouTube blog

Earlier this year, Twitter released a Video-Sharing iOS App – Vine ! Read More about Vine –

This shows YouTube and video content has the power to promote your company brand online. YouTube says that the first 15 seconds of the video decide whether the content is engaging. Some simple tips on creating a Video

1. Content for Social Media should be interesting and  communication/engagement starter. Basic ideas for video content include:

  • Introduction video about your product/service,
  • How Tos/Tutorials on using the product/service,
  • Creative ways to use your product,
  • Teasers,
  • Celebrations at the Company,
  • Stalls/Exhibition exposure,
  • Employees talk,
  • Update on products/services & New product release and more

All the above are content related to your company. While you use social media as a marketing medium, it is also important to create and publish content that are general industry updates, tips, advises, etc.

2. Use your existing Social Media presence to know what the audience expect from you. They might not want you bombarding marketing content on their feed.

3. Keep your videos brief and to the point. Lengthening the video makes it less appealing and interest will be lost.

4. Use simple and easily understandable language. It is better to replace Technical terms with an equivalent basic word.

5. Since the time is short, the content needs to be creative.

6. There has to be a message conveyed in the video. Beating around the bush is again an interest loser. The initial seconds can be used to tell what the video is about.

7. At the end of the video, include any references/credits and contact information as and when required. Video description can also be used for the purpose.

8. Make sure the video  is compatible with all possible players and devices. Have the same videos converted in to various video formats.

9. Video Content, when distributed, has to be properly optimized for the right keywords. But Video publishing/distribution is a separate topic to be discussed as an individual blog.

Stay connected with our social media presence to get all the social media updates and tips.

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Reply option to comments – How to activate?

This is a follow up on Facebook Enhancement – Reply option to comments

As mentioned earlier, the option for replying will be available by default. But if it is not, there will be an option on your page to Turn it ON.

  • Log in to your Facebook page admin account and go to the page's home
  • On the top, above the cover image, there will be an option to "Turn On Replies"


  • Just click on the "Turn On Replies" button and it will be activated.

Now you and whoever vists your page can post replies on the posts' comments on your page.

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Facebook Enhancement – Reply option to comments

Facebook has updated an option to reply for comments. Facebook pages now can reply to a comment(directly) posted on their page and other pages.

The person/page, for whom the reply has been posted, will be notified on the reply. It should be available for most of the pages by default.

Read through the post by Vadim Lavrusik, Journalism Program Manager on  Facebook + Journalists

Improving Conversations on Facebook with Replies

Check the enhancement yourself and post your comments below.

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Pinterest updates – Pinterest Web Analytics and new look up

While we all were busy noticing Facebook updates and Google+ updates Pinterest released 2 important updates:

1. Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest announced Analytics last week. Read more from Pinterest blogIntroducing Pinterest Web Analytics

The data available via Pinterest Analytics are:

Pins – the number of pins from your website.
Pinners -the number of people who pinned from your website.

Repins – number of times pins from your website were repinned on Pinterest.
Repinners – number of people who repinned your pins.

Impressions – number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, in search results, or on on boards.
Reach – number of people who saw your pins on Pinterest.

Clicks – number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest.
Visitors – number of people who visited your website from Pinterest.

These are the important analytics that help you to know the return(ROI) you get from Pinterest efforts. This helps you in spending efforts on Pinterest Engagement wisely. Check how the Analytics page looks at the bottom of this post…

There are many third-party apps providing Pinterest Analytics. They provide with in-depth details while the basic and essential insights are given by PInterest itself. It has to be noted that impressions and reach are not given by any third-party apps.

Read to know more about  Pinterest Web Analytics

This Pinterest Vimeo video explains more about the analytics feature

Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough from Pinterest on Vimeo.


2. Pinterest New Profile Look

Check  Pinterest's announcement on New profile look – Our New Look: More Ways to Discover What You Love

Pinterest informed on this earlier this year!

New discovery features is the important update on this new look. There were other users feedback included like being able to get back to the earlier browsing pins/pages without any hassle. Also read these earlier notes/messages:

Pinterest's new look

Switch to Pinterest's new look

Having these updates, the need of the hour from Pinterest is API access. It's be great if they roll out API access to limited third-party partners.

The important note here is that to have these updates on your profile or business on Pinterest, you should have verified your website on Pinterest

Go through these features and options and share your feedback as comments below. Also Check our Pinterest Profile!


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Facebook rolled out Lookalike audiences

Facebook rolled out Lookalike audiences – Lookalike Audiences: A New Way to Reach Potential Customers

This will be familiar to Facebook users who have been creating and running ads campaign on Facebook.

The recent update is that, in addition to creating Custom audiences, you can create audiences similar to Custom Audiences. This helps you to reach potential customers who are similar to your custom audiences.

For example, you can create a list of custom audiences who have participated in a Facebook contest that you ran, then create lookalike audiences who will be similar to your custom audience.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences option


This is available for Power Editors only

To create a lookalike audience(From Facebook Help Center):

  1. Go to Power Editor and select the Audiences tab on the left
  2. Create a custom audience using a list of email addresses, phone numbers or Facebook user IDs in
  3. Select this custom audience and click Create Similar Audience
  4. Choose the country where you'd like to find a similar set of people and select whether you want to optimize for similarity or greater reach
  5. Click Create

Note: it may take 6-24 hours for your lookalike audience to be ready for targeting.

Here are your queries about Lookalike Audiences answered on Facebook Help Center

Marketers who had the leverage to use it as a beta has had better results (ranging from 60% to 90% better results) on using lookalike audiences feature.

Try this option now and let us know your experience…

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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has started rolling out Graph Search to those who requested for it, based on the geography.

Now you can explore anything on Facebook with phrases and get you the exact thing you looked for:

  • My friends who liked my photos
  • My friends who like (a specific page that you like)
  • Photos of my friends 
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Restaurants my friends have been to 

And there is no limit on the phrases that you can search for. There will be suggestions as you type:


The best part comes now. It is that you can still filter the results that you get for a ssearch based on various criteria:

First look of Facebook Graph Search seems to be awesome. Explore all the possibilites! Sky is the limit!

Post your experience[excitement : )] with us as comments below.

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Facebook’s new update

Facebook and Google+ are on updates spree… They come with new updates on a daily basis. This has strengtened the competition and better services.

The redesign for timeline has been tested in New Zealand and other parts of the world, but Facebook announced Wednesday that it will start officially rolling out the new look to select users immediately. Much like Facebook’s updated news feed, the goal for timeline is to reduce clutter and place more options in the hands of users. 

Read more on this at  


Facebook Begins Rolling Out New, Customizable Timeline

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It has been noted that in most of the…

It has been noted that in most of the Google+ pages(including ours), the count of +1s is a lot higher than that of the followers.

Does that mean people would support the page and like it, but they don’t to get updates from the page or they think they will get spammed?

Wheres, in Facebook, liking a page automatically makes them getting page updates in the News Feed. Is there a change required? Please post in your thoughts as comments here!